MZMotorsport offers a wide variety of NEV performance parts, including wheels, tires, Lyrica order form GEM electric motors, controller reprogramming, and more. If you don’t see a product you are looking for on the website, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional details. If we can’t get you what you need, we would be happy to refer you to other accessory suppliers who can assist you.

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Why pay the exorbitant prices the other guys have been charging for GEM motors for years? MZ Motorsport is a D&D Motor Systems authorized distributor, D&D Motor Systems is the US Manufacturer of the high performance Blue GEM car motor. Over 2000 high performance gem car motors have been sold since 2001, with less than a 0.5% warranty rate! And of the 0.5% warrantied gem car motors, 90% of those warranties, the improper GEM car motor was recommended based on the GEM car setup, application and performance requirements. Don’t trust anyone who says only ONE motor can handle every GEM car setup, application and performance requirement. We have multiple options to handle your needs!

MZ Motorsport is the premier US made (NOT China or Mexico) GEM car motor vendor. Our 7.5 HP GEM car motor is well known for its excellent performance in the gem electric car market over the last 10 plus years.


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